How to Remove Audio from iPhone Video: 2 Easy Methods

Do you have an iPhone video that you want to remove the audio from?

Maybe you want to add new music, create a silent version for social media, or just get rid of unwanted sounds.

In this simple tutorial, I’ll walk you through two easy methods to remove audio from videos shot on your iPhone: using the Photos app and using iMovie. I’ll also provide some tips to help you get the best results. Let’s get started!

Being able to edit and customize your iPhone videos is a great way to exercise your creativity and make fun videos to share. One common editing task is removing the original audio from a video so you can replace it with a song, record a voiceover, or simply have a silent video.

Reasons You May Want To Remove Audio From An iPhone Video

The key reasons you may want to remove audio from an iPhone video include:

  1. Adding new music or audio that fits the visuals better. The original audio may be poor quality, have background noise, or just not match the mood you want.
  2. Creating silent videos to use as GIFs or share on platforms like TikTok. Many social media sites work better with muted videos.
  3. Eliminating unwanted audio like background noise, conversations, etc. to focus on the visual content.
  4. Making edits and mashups by combining multiple video clips. It’s easier to integrate different videos without overlapping audio.
  5. Customizing projects for professional, educational, or personal use by controlling the audio precisely.

How to Remove Audio from iPhone Video

Luckily, iOS provides simple, built-in tools for audio removal that don’t require any expensive editing software. 

Removing Audio with the Photos App

The fastest and easiest way to remove audio from an iPhone video is directly within the Photos app. Here are the quick steps:

Open the video in the Photos app. You can access your videos by going to the Albums tab and tapping “Videos”.

Tap the “Edit” button in the top-right corner of the screen.

In the video editor, look for the speaker icon in the top-left corner and tap it. This will mute the audio.

Once you have muted the video, tap “Done” to save the changes.

The video will now play without any audio. Keep in mind this simply mutes the existing audio – it does not delete the audio from the video file.

Removing Audio with iMovie

For more powerful audio removal and editing tools, you can use Apple’s free iMovie app. iMovie lets you completely delete the audio track from an iPhone video clip and export a new video without audio. Here’s an overview of how to remove audio using iMovie:

Open iMovie and tap the + button to import the video clip you want to edit.

Optional: Split the clip into smaller segments if you only want to remove audio from part of the video.

Tap the clip to reveal the audio waveform graph below it. This is the clip’s audio track.

Tap the audio waveform and select “Delete” to completely remove the audio from that clip.

Once you have removed all necessary audio, export the video via the Share button. Be sure to select an export format without audio like “Video Only”.

While this requires a few more steps, you get full control over precisely which audio clips you want to delete. iMovie has advanced tools for more complex audio editing, like adjusting volume levels, fading audio in and out, separating audio channels, adding voiceovers and background music, and more.

I recommend checking out Apple’s comprehensive iMovie tutorial to learn about all of its powerful features if you want to dive deeper into advanced video and audio editing.

Additional Tips for Removing Audio from iPhone Video

Here are some additional useful tips for removing audio from your iPhone videos:

Try third-party video editing apps like InShot or Videoleap if you want even more editing tools than iMovie offers. Some apps provide advanced audio filters and effects for fine-tuning your audio removal.

Be aware that removing audio from compressed video files like MOV can slightly reduce video quality each time you re-encode the video. For best quality, edit source files.

When posting edited videos using someone else’s content, be mindful of copyright and give proper credit. Avoid unlawful usage of copyrighted material.

Get creative and have fun customizing your videos! Mute everyday moments to make unique GIFs and videos to share on social media. The possibilities are endless.

Use the newfound silence to add your voiceover or record a podcast over an informational video. Removing existing audio opens up many options.

If you only want to lower the volume of the original audio, use the volume slider in Photos or iMovie instead of completely removing the sound. This preserves the subtle audio.

Familiarize yourself with the tools available in iOS, experiment with various editing techniques, and soon you’ll be a pro at removing audio from iPhone videos quickly and easily.


Knowing how to remove audio from recorded iPhone videos unlocks new creative possibilities for customizing and sharing your videos. As you’ve learned, the Photos app provides a fast way to mute clips, while iMovie offers precise audio deletion and advanced editing tools.

With these simple methods, you can now:

Remove unwanted audio like background noise and conversations

Add new music, voiceovers, or other sounds that better match the visuals

Create silent videos to use as GIFs and clips on social media

Remix and mashup video content from different sources

And much more!

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